Fotis Apartments Finikounda Messinia

Fotis Apartments Finikounda Messinia Greece

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Fotis Apartments

A modern complex of studios at beautiful Finikounda. Our apartments are operating since July 2007.

Finikounda is situated 68 klm. Southernwest from Kalamata, the capital o f Messinia. It is a popular destination for tourists from all around Europe. Finikounda acquired its name from the ancient Phoenician people who had a maritime trading profession. Phoenicians first founded Finikounda , which was a famous port, during the Ancient Times. Many years later, Finikounda was also known as one of the biggest piratic ports.

The beautiful sandy beaches and its position between Methoni and Koroni made Finkounda one of the most famous beach resorts of Messinia. From its port, the tourists can go on one-day excursions to the deserted islands Shiza, Sapientza, Venetico and St. Marina.

The owner Fotis Sardelis has been retired from his former telecomunication company job and he has been born in a village near Finikounda, which is called Perivolakia Pilias. Litsa Sardeli, also retired from a telecomunication company,teacher and volunteer at the Greek Red Cross department of Kalamata guaranteed at First Aids, is from Mitilini, but after all those years staying in Messinia she has loved this land as her own.

Thes Sardelis family has her own relation story with land. The olive trees and the vineyards, traditional local products, have been the mainly economical refund for the forefathers of the owner. So, matching with the production of the land tha surrounds them, Fotis Apartments have been "dressed" chromaticaly with the colours of the land and the olive trees. White and blue have been given honoursly to the islands of our country. Here, our daily routine is being inspired by the light brown colour of the land, to olive green of our trees and the discrete touches of pink and white that fresh flowers produce.

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